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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions we regularly receive from customers and our relevant answers.

  • Q. What are your opening hours?
    A. We are open from 9am - 6pm Weekdays and from 9am - 1pm on Saturday.
  • Q. Do you open during Public & Bank Holidays?
    A. No, our support staff deserve a rest on these days.
  • Q. Will your system work on Windows Vista?
    A. Yes.
  • Q. Will your system work on Windows 7?
    A. Yes.
  • Q. Do you make a charge for paying by Credit or Debit card?
    A. No.
  • Q. Do I have to wait weeks for training?
    A. No, there are training videos, an instant messaging service and support staff that are happy to help you through the business process.
  • Q. Can I use your software on more than one machine without having to pay an additional licence fee?
    A. Yes, we do not charge a licence fee, so you can use our software anywhere in the World providing you have access to the Internet.

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